mabon Camp 2022 Recap

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In the summer of 2022, our long-standing dream finally became a reality. With the Mabon Camp we were able to organize a Reclaiming Witch Camp in full length of one week here in southern Germany. We had already tried this in the years before, but since 2020 so many events failed or simply fell through.

And now, as we approach autumn and harvest time, there is finally enough free time to realize another dream, namely to start this blog here.

And what better way to kick off a series of blogposts than with a wrap-up on the Witch Camp that will be the first in a series of Reclaiming Witch Camps here in southern Germany?

We were a relatively small group, with 4 teachers and 4 participants. In addition, there were our 2 hard-working helpers, who also participated in the evening rituals. The atmosphere was very intense, we laughed and cried, and some of us were very moved.

We set out with the hero Culhwch on his quest to find Mabon, who was stolen from his mother Modron ages ago. We asked the advice of the wise animals of the forest, sat with our own frustration and uncertainty, dived into the depths with the Salmon of Wisdom, and finally freed Mabon from the dark fortress. We learned a lot about seemingly impossible tasks, and that we can always find comrades-in-arms and allies.

The weather played along in a strange way. After it was really hot at the beginning of the week, it rained really hard on the last evening. We almost had to do the evening ritual indoors. But luckily we went outside, the trance meditation under the pavilion roof with the pattering of the rain was really special. And when it came to walking the labyrinth, the rain even subsided and then stopped completely. At the end we were all able to stand around the fire basket and give notes with our intentions to the fire.

A huge thank you to everyone who was there, and brought and carried the depth and magic. Thanks to our participants, teachers, helpers and all the magical beings who accepted our invitation to our house and garden here in Bavaria. Together we have moved and started a lot! Some of it has very concrete effects on this world, and we will certainly have more to report about that here (further events, a permanent labyrinth, etc.).

Other impacts are more personal, and of some we are probably only guessing at the tip of the iceberg.

In any case, this Witch Camp was the first, and plans are already quite concrete for next year. Probably after that we will plan on a two-year rhythm, with shorter workshops in between.

We were between worlds, and what happens there changes all worlds.

Pe & Martin

P.S.: Curtis wrote a very nice experience report about the Mabon Camp in her blog. Thank you!